Get Dofollow Backlink from Bloglovin in 2023

Do you want to create a dofollow backlink from Bloglovin? want to rank #1 by creating article backlink from Bloglovin with your focused keyword?

Hey webmasters!

We all know that you must get backlink to rank your content. In addition, getting a in article backlink from Bloglovin (for take) will works great in ranking your article and if it is dofollow, that even more beneficial.

In this article, we will learn a method of getting a dofollow article backlink from Bloglovin. We will also look to claim blog and get no follow.

The article is divided into sections. They are;

  1. Creating account on Bloglovin.
  2. Claiming and verifying our Blog to get traffic.
  3. In the last, learn and create a Dofollow backlink from Bloglovin.

But before getting into it, let have a look on the stats and authority of Bloglovin and its platform.

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What is Bloglovin’? is a platform where users check, view and enjoy content from their favorite blogs on the internet at single place. People follow blogs with content related to their interest and get update whenever a post is live.

In simple, it works as feed for users to collect and organize contents.

Now, let have look over some stats related to bloglovin’.

According to SEMrush Marketing & SEO tool (recommended), Bloglovin gets over 2.4 million visits every month.


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Now, we will look after the Domain Authority of Bloglovin’.

Currently, the domain authority of is 93 out of 100. And getting a Dofollow backlink from Bloglovin (article backlink is like getting 1 million bucks in lottery).

Getting a high quality Dofollow backlink from such a high authority site is like masterpiece.

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For this, we will first claim and verify our blog so that Bloglovin’ could automatically fetch new article and show to your followers and other users of Bloglovin’.

So, let begin by creating account on Bloglovin’.

How to create an account on Bloglovin properly?

To create an account on Bloglovin, just follow the steps. You should not skip any step.

  • Then, click on Signup button (right top corner).
  • You will be on Signup page. Just fill your email, password and other details to get started. You can also opt for facebook login.
  • Then click on Sign up.
  • On the next page, you need to follow a blog (this is necessary). You can enter “” and click the verified site in the drop down.
  • Now, click on Follow. You can’t create your account without doing with step.
  • After you have followed at least a blog, a NEXT button will appear in Right top corner.
  • Click on the Next button. You will be redirected to Bloglovin’ home page.

Congrats! you have successfully & properly created account on Bloglovin.

How to claim Blog in Bloglovin’?

To claim your blog on Bloglovin’, just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Click on Profile icon on Bloglovin’ profile page.
  • Then, click on Profile option.
  • You will be redirected to profile settings. You must check and fill other information and edit if required.
  • Now, Click on Claim Blog button in middle left side.
  • Now, a pop-up will open and ask you to enter your blog URL. Just enter in format of ( and click on blog in the drop down.
  • On the next very screen, you will need to verify the claim. For this, you will be provided a HTML code.
  • Copy the HTML code and paste in your blog article. Here is an demo in WordPress and for Blogger, copy the code and go to HTML section of blog post and paste it there. Your article must be live in order to verify the code.
  • And after pasting the code, click on Claim Blog (see above images, referred as 2).

Congratulation! You have successfully claimed and verified your blog in Bloglovin.

Here is the main section of article on creating a dofollow backlink from Bloglovin. The process of getting a dofollow backlink from Bloglovin is simple. But, we need to be careful to avoid any guideline violation.

Anyway, we have steps by step process of getting backlink without violating any guidelines. Just follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, Click here to open Bloglovin page.
  • You can follow me simply by clicking on Follow button (will takes your 1 sec only).
  • After that, click on New Post in Right Top Section.
  • Edit post section will open where we will create our dofollow backlink.
  • Enter your title and at least 100-200 words word article containing your focused keyword.
Dofollow backlink from Bloglovin
  • Now, select your keyword. A tool bar will appear containing a link button. Just click on that link button and put your website or article link in next pop-up and click OK. Your selected text will be hyperlinked and we will get an article backlink from Bloglovin.
  • After completing your article, click on Post and again click on Post.
  • And that’s it.

Congrats! You have successfully create a high quality dofollow backlink from Bloglovin having DA-93.

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