Get Backlinks from Quora without getting Banned

Hey web masters! In this article, I am going to show you how to get traffic and backlinks from Quora to your brand new site in 2023.

Quora is considered as gold mine of targeted traffic. This is one of the best form of getting traffic for your new blog.

Usually, new sites takes a lots of time and effort to get organic traffic. So, we always look for traffic sources and especially, for new sites.

Getting targeted traffic and Backlink from Pinterest and Quora is easy but requires a proper planning to avoid getting banned.

So, I this article, I will guide on how to get traffic and backlinks from Quora without getting banned.

But before we get into it, let’s have a quick overview about Quora, its traffic, Authority, and more about its platform in short.

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What is Quora?

Quora is an American question and answer website. In this, a question is asked, answered, multiple answered, form opinion, follow and shared by normal internet users.

People usually asks their doubts and get answered/solved by other random people or even experts. In short, Quora is for everyone.

Now, let’s talk about some stats about Quora and its platform.

According to SEMrush All-in-one Marketing and SEO tool (Best tools for your website growth, Strongly recommended by us), Quora get over 550 millions visits per month.


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As I have already mentioned that traffic from Pinterest and Quora is targeted one. You will receive traffic who are actually interested in the content.

Hence, generating leads and sales even in low traffic.

Now, let have a look on Domain Authority of Quora ( has a domain authority of 93 out 100 and alexa ranking of 366 (in Jan 2023).

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In short, Quora has

  • Traffic – 600 million per month
  • Domain authority – 93 out 100
  • Backlink type – Nofollow

Backlinks from Quora are Nofollow {DA – 93} but getting a backlink from such a huge traffic site matters in SEO a lot. Moreover, you will get a huge traffic from almost every backlink.

Getting Backlinks from Quora is quite easy but you can be banned from Quora or your links may be removed.

But, we have gone through the step by step process of getting backlinks from Quora safely without getting your account banned. Just follow step by step process detailed below.

There are mainly 2 ways of getting backlinks from Quora:

  1. Getting Backlinks from Quora Profile.
  2. Backlink from answering Quora questions.

So, we will list how to get backlink from Quora by using both methods listed above. Let get into it.

Here are the steps of getting backlink from Quora. But before that, we need a Quora account. So, we will also include how to create an account in Quora. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly, go to and create an account using Google or Facebook or by entering your email and password.
  • In the next very step, you will be asked to pick some of your interest (Tips: Choose topics related or similar of your niche of website).
  • Then click on Continue.

Congrats! You have successfully created an account in Quora

Now, we will move to main section, where we will discuss how to create backlink from Quora Profile. Let’s begin.

  • Firstly, click on Profile on your
  • Then, click on your name in the drop down menu. It will redirect you to your Quora profile page.
  • Now, Click on “Write a Description about yourself”.
  • Now, a writing box will appear where you have to put some text and create a backlink there {Write at least 50-70 word to describe your self and your blog}.

You have write some things and add your website name or keyword and select it and click on link button (see above image) to make a backlink from Quora profile. Don’t over use it, make 1-2 link only. Additionally, you can add few social links and profile URL like of facebook, twitter, Pinterest… etc. Then click on Update button.

Congratulation! You have successfully create a backlink from Quora profile. This will increase your backlink profile and provide traffic whenever some visit your Quora Profile 😉

Quora’s core idea is questioning and answering. Anyone in the world can ask question on quora and anyone randomly can answer it in form of suggestion or opinion.

Quora says to answer to queries should provide value to the question asking person and other people. You can add texts, images, links, videos… etc. to add value to your answer. Yes, links also.

You can answer any question regarding your website niche and get traffic and backlinks from Quora in return.

Sound great?

But, to prevent spam on Quora platform and others, they took several steps. To minimize the spam, Quora team can look into answer and can edit it or even delete it.

But, Quora users who have been answering for a while and are at least few days older account get a bit concession in it. Their answers are rarely checked by quora team or get whenever get reported or in some other scenario also.

Here is my personal method of growing and getting traffic and backlinks from Quora without getting banned:

  • Never Spam (most important).
  • Quora is not for promotion or spamming.
  • Avoid putting links for few days.
  • Don’t put link unnecessarily or unrelatable.
  • Put links only if it provide value to others.
  • Never put links of spamming and malicious sites.
  • Work and use Quora within their Guidelines.

Now, let’s move to our topic of how to create backlinks from Quora by answering any query or question.

  • After your profile completion, you might get questions to answer related to your site niches.
  • Or, you can simple search for questions and answer it by providing value and relevant links to the answers.

How to answer Quora question?

  • Whenever you get notification of any question, just click and open it.
  • Now, Click on Answer button.
  • Answer it thoroughly. Add links, images, videos and other relevant stuff to your answer.
  • To add any link, simply select the keyword(s) and click on link button and add the link.
Backlinks from Quora question_answer
  • After answering the question thoroughly, hit the Submit button and you question will be public.
  • Don’t spam the platform by copy paste answering. Your answers can get reviewed by any Quora moderation team and can be deleted if you violate the Quora guidelines.

Congrats! you have successfully created a high quality backlink from Quora having Domain Authority- 93.

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